Management Summary

Located in the heart of The Hague, Lindblom is a full-scale communications, public relations and public affairs consultancy.
Founded in 2001, Lindblom's name is derived from political scientist Charles E. Lindblom, who authored the now-famous work "Politics and Markets". Lindblom was responsible for introducing incrementalism (step-by-step decision-making) as a concept for policy development. This is important, as not only do we feel right at home in the political environment, but we aim to stick to Lindblom's philosophy in everything we do.

At Lindblom, we not only understand change; we embrace it. Gone are the days where you can rely solely on traditional public relations methods to get the job done. Instead, in the digital world, where everyone is connected 24/7, and conversations happen in real-time, cutting through the clutter with compelling content has become critical for success. On top of that, maintaining an organisation's reputation through fast yet well thought through communications efforts has never been more important.

In an effort to provide our clients increased support and representation, especially those who who are impacted with policy decisions on both a national (Dutch) and Europen level, in 2019, we entered into a strategic partnership with Ridens Public Affairs, located in Brussels. We believe that this collaboration allows for an integrated approach that benefits our customers and sets us apart from the competition.

Below is just a small selection of what we do, if you want to know more, please don't hesitate to contact us, we would love to hear from you.

PR and Media

Need to grab the media's attention, or perhaps organise a press conference? Through our extensive network and relationships with the media, we can help you reach the right audience. We have a wealth of experience creating and implementing successful PR campaigns, press launches, press conferences and other 'out of the box' publicity events.

Strategic Communications

At Lindblom, we are well versed in strategic communications. We take the time to really understand the essence of your organisation so that you can rest assured, knowing that you are making the best decisions possible. How do we do it? Through detailed stakeholder analysis, a contrate communications plan and, if required, (online) communications training.

Public Affairs

Let's face it; for many businesses, political decision making can have a huge impact on your operations. That is where we step in; through careful analysis, we provide you with the right advice, ensuring that your interests are represented. Your business can benefit from our almost 20 years of experience in working with the media and navigating the political environment in both The Hague and now Brussels. We make sure you get a seat at the table!

Crisis Communications

When things go wrong, having fast and professional crisis communications support can make all the difference. Lindblom is happy to partner with you as your organisation's spokesperson or crisis advisor. Better yet, let's work together before disaster strikes to create a comprehensive crisis communications plan in advance.

Content Creation

Our team of content creators would love to help you tell your story. We have worked with numerous businesses to develop and deliver (social) media strategies and campaigns. We create both written and visual content not limited to video, blogs, podcasts, beautiful photography, animations and digital magazines. At Lindblom, we believe that creating and distributing unique content through the right channels can help to set a business apart from the rest.

Event Management

Events can be an excellent opportunity to establish direct contact with a specific group. From A-Z, we help you plan, organise and deliver a world-class event. We specialise in conferences, meetings, press events, product launches and official openings. We regularly organise events that bring politicians into contact with businesses and other stakeholders.

Media Training

Lindblom works with several media trainers that give you the tools needed to deliver your message in the most effective manner whilst feeling confident in front of the camera. Together we work with you to ensure you are properly prepared for a (possible) media appearance regardless of the medium. Video, radio or print, we help you put your best foot forward.